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Rippin More ASS Than X-PAC, GWF Got your hook up and the next world heavyweight championship of the world. GWF super faggots 24/7. This shit make's Kevin Nash look like a pro booker. R.I.P Scott Steiner. Suck my Dick if you want it, Read theese articles to get more information in your face. Monty Sopp Watches you masturbate. Oh You Didn't Know, Better call Road Dogg to Creampie Your Father!, Josh Matthews Wishing for that dick hoping Jesse James would slip his finger down his throat, Jesse James don't play games with bitches and dames, Josh Matthews is going to have to wait for his prison sex. Ain't That Right HAWK!, "WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!, I'm Dead." The Gun is loaded HBK unload it, Shawn Michaels has never sold for no man or shall he, Sniffin more coke than Old Dirty Bastard, Shawn Michales is an Elite Cocksucker, Giving Triple H a run for his money, Brock Lesnar apparently broke his arm like paper, and they had a work 9 month's later at mania, No Fuck's were given, Where's Nash?. Read theese articles. Monty Sopp. This Shit will make you Hang Yourself in a hotel room just so Ryan Shamrock can save you. Make You wanna call 911, and get Brian Lee to fight the undertaker at summerslam, confuse the fuck out of Ted Dibiase all over again, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Confusing the fuck out of Ted Dibiase, Giving him more orgasm's than Katie Vick, Fucking his brains out call Brian Lee, because Brian Pillman just broke into my house with a pistol, He's Threating to kill me if i don't get Steve Austin Down here in 45 Seconds. Bang Bang he fucking gave you Cactus Jack and this is how you treat him?, Terry Funk need's to remind all of you that there still is Wrastlin out there, Wrastlin spelled F-A-N-D-A-N-G-O. Shane Douglas Threatend to kill Terry Funk and his entire family, Just so he could go to WCW and make Shrimp. Eddie Guerrero Walked out with his Duffle Bag full of Heroin on Live Television and threatend to take his business to the WWF. R.I.P Chris Benoit, Snappin Necks, Cashin Checks. Dr. Death Could have made you alot of money Vince Mcmahon, But you wanted to launch Bart Gunn's Career instead.

The Alpha Male Monty SoppEdit

1712 - monty brown tna

The Alpha Male Monty Sopp is watching you masturbate.

The Greatest mistake in WWE History. Monty Brown.

Cthulhu And The Gangstas Journey to AtlantisEdit


Young Cthulhu, Grinding out there, Getting Money.

Pop a 40,  and read this shit you nigger. Cthulhu.

Sewage Rat Kitchen & BrothelEdit


A True tale of wisdom. Chef Gordon Ramsay and Higgins make history. Sewage Rat Kitchen & Brothel.

Royal Rumble 2003Edit

Royal Rumble 2003

The Poster for The 2003 Royal Rumble

Say Excuse me Bitch!. Royal Rumble 2003.

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Gangsta Fag - He Wantz It

Gangsta Fag - He Wantz It

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